Why It’s Essential to Rank Organically on Google With Self Storage SEO

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You’re probably under the impression that Google is all-knowing and trust that the first few results it shows are the most relevant to your search, correct? But are all search results equal?

Do you avoid the first few results, knowing they’re sponsored?

Do you swipe past the advertising and click the first non-paid result?

You’re not alone.

The first page of Google’s organic search results, usually known as unpaid search results, is based on the company’s secret algorithm. Nobody knows the exact formula, but we’ve discovered at least 250 variables that influence a website’s search engine ranking through testing and Google comments.

You can improve your self storage website’s organic Google ranking by optimizing certain aspects to appeal to search engine results pages. This is called self storage SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! At Bluebird Storage Marketing, our SEO specialists constantly learn new trends and marketing strategies to implement for your self storage facility.

SEO is the most critical aspect of self storage marketing, yet it’s also the most misunderstood and difficult to master. Why? Because it’s ever-changing! Google updates its algorithm regularly, so what worked last year may not work this year.

This means that self storage SEO is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. You can’t just “set it and forget it.” You must constantly monitor your storage website’s search engine optimization to ensure you’re using the most effective self storage marketing strategies.

But don’t despair – our team of self storage marketing experts is here to help you every step of the way!

While we won’t go into all the influencing factors today, here are a few compelling reasons why organically investing in SEO for your website is well worth the time and effort.



The most important benefit of organic search results over sponsored search results is their greater human impact: Trust. When Google displays paid ad results, it indicates this with a label, and most consumers are well-informed enough to identify such advertising.

Potential customers may wonder, “Why is this firm paying to have their ad appear higher up? Why should I give them my money when the other businesses on this list earned their high ranking?” Additionally, many people are wary of being bombarded with commercials on television and banner ads taking up most of their computer screen after years of being interrupted by commercials.

What the consumer may not realize is how much effort goes into ranking organically with self storage SEO. You’d want to believe that the quality of the firms is what elevates them to the top of the rankings (and merit does play a significant role!). Still, ranking organically also necessitates a well-planned approach and a lot of work. This leads us to our next point…



Ranking organically requires a significant investment of time and resources for self storage facilities. We’re not just talking about the self storage marketing budget here!

Organic ranking success is achieved by optimizing many different aspects of your self storage website, from the quality of your content to the structure of your code. The SEO process is complex, and it takes a team of experts to do it right.

You need self storage marketing specialists who understand how Google’s algorithm works and constantly keep up with the latest changes for local search rankings. You also need content creators who can produce high-quality, keyword-rich articles and designers and developers to implement the technical aspects of self storage SEO.

However, if you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll reap the benefits. Ranking organically can help you convert leads into customers—leading to the best kind of business growth for storage units.

At Bluebird Storage Marketing, we have a team of self storage marketing experts dedicated to ranking our clients’ websites organically on Google. As a self storage SEO company, we invest the time and energy necessary to stay ahead of the curve so that your self storage company gets the highest possible outcomes.



Paid search results only bring in visitors for the time you’ve paid for ad space. Taking steps to rank organically has long-term benefits, and it does take time to be highly ranked on Google, after all. However, with updated content and lawful self storage SEO tactics, you will likely stay near the top of the list over time.

Here’s some fantastic news for you! Since more people are clicking on the link to your self storage company website, your increased traffic will keep you at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Google views your storage website as a credible source of information when more people visit it. A higher search engine rating will also help you build consumer confidence. And that’s exactly what you need to succeed in self storage marketing!

To be clear, we’re not suggesting that Google advertising or any other search engine advertisements are useless. Many individuals will skip past them, but not always. When you don’t rank as highly as your competition, Google advertising may occasionally be a viable way to boost visitors to storage websites.

However, we believe that Google advertisements are only a temporary measure to draw visitors to your website as you improve in the rankings with fresh and valuable material and increased website traffic, among other things. Then, once you’ve climbed up the ranks, you won’t need them anymore and can use those funds in alternative ways to improve your self storage unit business.



The most significant disadvantage of ranking organically is that it takes time and money to execute well. Investing in ranking organically implies that your website meets Google’s high-quality criteria. Yes, making your website optimal will take a lot of work. But what exactly does “optimize” imply?

Optimizing your website for self storage SEO means creating high-quality, helpful content and a user-friendly design that will actually catch people’s attention. Getting exposure on the internet is meaningless if people can’t find your site to interact with it.

There’s no sense in having a website that folks quickly leave when they arrive. The best self storage websites with well-designed content and appropriate design give businesses access to a platform that may help them attract new consumers and flourish in our increasingly web-based world.



The self storage SEO process is less expensive than other marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You don’t have to keep paying for ad space month after month or year after year. Once you’re ranking high on Google, you can let your self storage marketing efforts work for you while focusing on other business goals.



A self storage SEO company like Bluebird Storage Marketing can help increase the conversion rate of leads into paying customers. We’ll help ensure your website is designed to make it easy for self storage customers to find what they’re looking for and take the next step to contact you or self-select a unit.

A website that’s not designed with self storage customers in mind is likely to have a lower conversion rate, even if it’s ranking on the first page of Google. Customers won’t stay on your site if they can’t find what they’re looking for, and they won’t self-select a unit if the process is too complicated.

That is why it’s critical to work with a self storage marketing company that understands the sector and knows how to build one of the most effective self storage websites for customers. Bluebird Storage Marketing has years of expertise assisting businesses in improving their Google rankings and converting more leads into paying customers.


Are you ready for your storage website to rank organically? Contact us today to learn more about how Bluebird Storage Marketing can help your business succeed with the latest self storage SEO tactics!


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