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Self storage is a rapidly growing industry, and as it grows, so does the demand for quality storage websites. If you’re looking to build or improve a self storage website, it’s essential to understand the basics of self storage SEO. This guide will outline the critical elements of self storage SEO and provide tips for optimizing your storage website for search engines.

Self storage SEO is the process of optimizing a self storage website to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Like any other type of SEO, self storage SEO requires a strategic approach to keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

At Bluebird Self Storage, we partner with self storage owners to help their businesses thrive. We know how vital self storage SEO is in this day and age, and that’s why we’ve completed this guide to SEO.

Let’s look at strategies that will make your platform one of the best self storage websites available.


Lay the Groundwork for Self Storage SEO

First, what is SEO? SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” 

Essentially, SEO is the practice of improving a website’s content and structure to appeal to Google. The more you satisfy Google, the more likely your website to appear at the top of search results.

How do you get ahead in self storage SEO? Consider your clients’ problems! Many consumers have difficulties in their everyday lives, and these are the questions you want to be sure to answer. A few of the most frequently asked queries that customers (and Google) would like answered include:

  • What can fit in a 5 x 5 storage unit?
  • How much is the smallest storage unit?
  • How much is a storage unit per month?


These are just a few of the many queries customers ask Google about self storage. Focusing your website on these keywords phrases will benefit both you and your customers as a self storage business. Even if Google can’t explain why these questions are crucial, your potential consumers will want answers. The more frequently the question is asked, the more it forces Google to find a solution until your blog post or website page reaches the top of page one.

You’re laying the groundwork for your self storage SEO efforts by answering key questions and pointing out your customer’s problems.


Cultivating Your Website for Self Storage SEO 

Let’s speak about how to optimize your website for both on and off-site self storage SEO to get the most out of it. The best self storage websites will continue to focus on quality content and updated information. 

Start your on-site SEO work by including appropriate keywords and phrases throughout your website. The easiest method to do this is to incorporate keywords in your title tags, meta description, and other headings across your website and the bulk of your web content. This helps Google show more attention to your storage website.

The meta description, or description, explains the content of your page. The meta description informs readers about the subject of your article. Google can now display your website higher in its search results if you optimize it for self storage SEO keywords, increasing the chance that people will click on it and learn more about it before making a purchase.

Off-page SEO uses off-site techniques and tactics to assist your webpage rank. Backlinks, for example, are links to other high-ranking websites that help Google respect and recognize your site. These backlinks demonstrate to Google that your website offers high-quality material. Creating relationships and content with other websites in your industry is crucial to increasing your off-page SEO.

With On-site and Off-Site Self Storage SEO at your side, you’ll be ready for the new growth that awaits! Need help managing the intricacies of SEO and self storage marketing? Trust a professional self storage SEO company to take care of the details.


Self Storage SEO Keywords

If your website has only a few similar self storage SEO keywords, Google will punish you for it. Variety is essential to Google, so make sure you cover all aspects of your business. Go beyond “self storage services” and “self storage near me.”

If you offer additional products or services, emphasize them through a range of keywords. It would help if you also focused on long-tail keywords, which are longer and more specific phrases that consumers are likely to use when they’re further along in the purchasing process. These could be keywords like “climate-controlled self storage near me” or “drive-up self storage units.”

These keywords should be listed on your service page, and then subpages should be developed that can go more in-depth about these themes. In the end, Google will reward you for your time and effort.


Designing Storage Websites

A well-designed storage website will help you close more sales and increase your ROI. Your storage website should highlight your location, services, and contact information as soon as a customer arrives on your homepage. It’s also imperative that the website design is mobile-friendly. 

Think about it—if a potential customer is searching for “self storage near me” on their phone, and your website doesn’t load properly or takes too long, they’ll quickly go to the next result. Consider the size of your graphics, photos, and amount of text on a page. If it’s slow to load, Google will punish you in the end.

Your storage website should also be designed with SEO in mind from the beginning. Make sure your website pages are titled correctly and that you have relevant keywords throughout your content. If you’re starting from scratch, work with a self storage SEO company specializing in storage websites.

Organize your website to highlight your services, frequently asked questions, resources, testimonials, and other information that visitors find helpful. Like on the job, prioritize the client experience.

Are you just beginning your self storage business? Check out our handbook for more valuable information!


Local Self Storage SEO Services

The most common way to rank well in Google is through local SEO. The most vital thing is to utilize local SEO terms and services when it comes to self storage SEO. What exactly is local SEO? It’s about conducting keyword research and using keywords relevant to your company’s real-world location and the neighboring areas.

Google My Business is a fantastic method to improve local SEO search exposure. GMB is a Google profile that allows people to learn more about your company, such as its open hours, location, and phone number. Creating location-based webpages on your website may help you rank in local service locations outside of GMB.

We’ve seen how important it is to have a professional take on your project. When you partner with Bluebird, you can trust us to offer the best self storage marketing. Local SEO services are an excellent method to get your self storage SEO up and running fast.


Content Self Storage Marketing

What are the similarities between content marketing and self storage SEO? Both aim to improve your website’s Google ranking! Content marketing seeks to educate and pique people’s interest in your website so that Google may assess its relevance. You’re already on the correct road if you have the appropriate content and self storage SEO keywords on your storage website.

High-quality content is important for several reasons, chief among them being that it keeps people coming back to your site. If you can produce informative, engaging blog posts or articles, you’re more likely to build a loyal following of readers who will continue to visit your site for new content.

If you’re having trouble coming up with content your customers would appreciate, consider the questions they frequently ask you. Create a FAQ page based on these inquiries and a few relevant blog posts. Important queries include “How do I choose the proper storage container size?” or “Why is climate-controlled storage necessary?” These are relevant questions that will help your content perform well on Google.

It’s all about utilizing your expertise to create content. It’s compelling for readers to realize that your industry knowledge is valuable. It might be the tipping point that converts leads.


4 Self Storage SEO Tips for Success

By this point, you understand the ins and outs of self storage SEO. You know how to improve your storage website ranking on Google and other search engines. Here are some final tips to make sure your self storage marketing strategy is a success:


1. Conduct Monthly Keyword Research

Make sure you’re always on the pulse of the latest storage trends by conducting monthly keyword research. Utilize a combination of Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and other analytical tools to see what keywords people are searching for related to self storage. You can then incorporate these keywords into your website content, blog posts, and social media posts.


2. Prioritize the User Experience

Make sure your website is optimized for both search engines and users. This means having well-written, informative content that is easy to read and navigate. Use short paragraphs, headings, and bullet points to break up text and make it easier to scan.


3. Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are still an important ranking factor for Google, so make sure you build quality links to your website. One way to do this is by guest blogging on other storage-related websites and including a link back to your site in your author bio. You can also reach out to storage industry trade associations and ask to be included in their directory listings.


4. Monitor Your Progress

Use Google Analytics and other tools to monitor your website traffic and see how your self storage marketing efforts are paying off. This data will help you fine-tune your strategy and make the necessary adjustments to continue seeing results.


By following these self storage SEO tips, you can improve your storage website’s ranking on search engines and attract more leads. Remember to focus on creating high-quality content, building quality backlinks, and monitoring your progress. With a bit of effort, you’ll see your self storage business succeed in no time!


For more help with self storage marketing, contact Bluebird Self Storage today. We offer various services to help you get the most out of your self storage business, including revenue management, staff operations, online rentals, online self storage marketing, and much more.


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