The Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Self Storage SEO Agency

the top 6 reasons to hire a self storage agency

The self storage industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and while the market is vast, the competition is tough. Keeping your units occupied is critical to ensure that your self storage business thrives. 

However, finding a steady stream of self storage customers may not be as easy, especially if you don’t have a clear plan or marketing strategy. And while you can go and get a website designed, you are wasting your time, effort, and resources if no one can find your site. 

To avoid this roadblock in your marketing plans, consider hiring a self storage SEO agency to guarantee that your self storage websites will rank high on search engine results.

Getting your business site to the top of search engine results is crucial to your marketing efforts. For example, landing on page 1 of a Google search for “find storage units near me” might seem impossible, but you can do it via SEO or Search Engine Optimization. 

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that deals with search engines. It is the process of optimizing your website by choosing the right keywords, in this case, the right self storage keywords, and using them all over a storage company’s site to come out on top of search results.

SEO is both an art and a science, and while not impossible to DIY, it is extra work that self storage o like you might not have time to do. The more efficient option is to hire a digital marketing agency that offers or specializes in self storage SEO services.


Why You Need a Self Storage SEO Agency

In today’s highly digitized world, an integral part of your storage marketing tactics is maintaining a website for your self storage company. The internet is the default venue for finding goods and services, and a website ensures your online visibility.

Having your site appear on top of organic search results also creates awareness about your local business for new customers. It showcases your self storage facilities and all your business details, including location, rates, and amenities you offer. 

But even if you have the best website in terms of content and design, it’s not guaranteed you’ll make it to the top of search results. You’ll need to apply SEO best practices and know how to work with search engine algorithms.

If your SEO efforts are successful, expect your website to receive more clicks and traffic. But if implemented incorrectly, you’ll miss out on potential sales.

With so much at stake, here are the top 6 reasons you should hire a storage SEO agency for your self storage business.


They Will Save Your Self Storage Facility Money and Resources

You might think that you’ll save on your marketing budget by handling the SEO strategies for your self storage facility on your own. However, this could end up costing you more. 

SEO is a complex and ever-changing field with many moving parts. What works today may not work tomorrow, and keeping up with the latest SEO trends and best practices can be a full-time job on its own.

Your current marketing team will be stretched thin, or you’ll have to expand your team and put together an in-house SEO team that will increase your costs. Hiring an SEO agency will save you money in the long run.


Their Self Storage SEO Experts Will Help You Out

When you hire a self storage SEO company, they will have a team of SEO specialists at your disposal to help you rank higher on Google so you can reach out to more leads and more customers. They have the experience and expertise to know the best SEO campaign or SEO strategy that best suits your self storage website.

Most self storage SEO agencies also have access to the latest tools and software to help you implement your marketing strategies. They can generate reports using Google Analytics and more to track your progress and ROI. When you’re not worried about your self storage website’s ranking on search results pages, you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your business.


You’ll Have a Better ROI on Your Self Storage Website 

The main thrust of search engine optimization is to drive traffic to self storage websites – but not just any traffic. It works to attract traffic that will convert and hopefully become loyal customers and even your business advocates in the future.

When your SEO strategies are successful, you will have a better ROI on your self storage website. You’ll get more clicks and traffic from online searches, leading to higher occupancy rates.


You’ll Beat the Competition With The Right Digital Marketing Strategy 

An established internet marketing agency will keep an eye out for your competition’s Marketing and SEO strategies. They’ll examine what is working for them and come up with solutions on how to match – and beat – their efforts, so you end up ahead of the pack. 


You’ll Grow Leads With A Winning Local Search Engine Optimization Strategy 

One of the most effective digital marketing strategies for the self storage industry is Local SEO, so your storage company is included in local search results on Google.

Local SEO is the go-to strategy for businesses with physical locations, so you quickly connect with customers in and around your local community that need a storage unit. Your SEO agency will develop local SEO campaigns, help you set up and optimize your Google My Business profile, and enlist you in other local directories and map listings.


They’ll Implement and Manage Paid Local Digital Advertising

Self storage SEO agencies don’t just deliver organic search results. They can also help you get started with local digital advertising via Google Ads and other search engine ads.

While these are relatively simple to set up, you might experience bill shock if you don’t have a paid ad strategy in place. It’s important to decide which audience to target and when and where to serve the ads, so they are more likely to see them and click. Choosing the most effective ad campaign will also ensure you don’t waste money or exceed your budget.

Your marketing agency can take it a step further by incorporating social media ads, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads, and if you have a robust video catalog, Youtube ads. They effectively drive traffic to your site and increase your brand awareness.  


Other Helpful SEO Strategies for Your Storage Facilities

Your self-storage internet marketing agency will have an entire arsenal of other SEO related marketing services that can help you rank higher on search engines and increase your online visibility, including:

  • Setting up your site code and structure correctly 
  • Ensuring that your web pages are optimized for mobile devices
  • Conducting keyword research
  • Developing a content strategy catering to your target audience
  • Implementing a link-building campaign
  • Gathering online reviews
  • Joining local directories and other business listings to expand your reach


Hiring a self storage SEO agency is something storage operators should seriously consider. 

While it’s possible to build your own in-house SEO team, getting the services of experts might be a better investment, especially if you have specific SEO KPIs and targets you want to hit. 

It may seem cost prohibitive initially, but the long-term advantages and benefits of setting up a solid SEO foundation will make it worth it.


Do you need help setting up your self storage SEO strategy? 

Contact Bluebird Storage Marketing to get you to the top of Google search results.


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