A Guide to Getting Your Self Storage Website Ranked on Apple Maps

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If you’re running self storage facilities, you know that ranking high on search engines is essential to driving traffic to your self storage website. There are many digital marketing strategies that assist with this goal. But what about Apple Maps?

Did you know that Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, uses Apple Maps to provide directions and locations for storage units and other businesses?

That means that if your self storage website isn’t ranking on Apple Maps, you could be missing out on many potential new customers.

At Bluebird Storage, we endeavor to help self storage companies create the best self storage websites possible. Bluebird has your back if you’re interested in making the most of your business with self storage marketing.

Keep reading for more information about how Apple Maps can help you create the best self storage website possible.


Why Your Self Storage Website Should Care About Ranking on Apple Maps

For years, Google Optimization has been the main emphasis of digital marketing. For a long time, businesses have seen Google-focused SEO deliver excellent results.

Even though Google isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, companies may need a multi-platform digital marketing plan to improve their web presence. For example, it’s past time you expanded your internet presence to include all of your customers who rely on non-Android smartphones to find storage services from your listing.

According to Statista, roughly 23 million people search for locations on Apple Maps as of April 2018. How can you get your firm in front of these iOS device users’ eyes? Excellent Apple Maps ranking is required. Apple Maps delivers the solution when a potential consumer uses Siri to locate a local business. As a result, you must improve your storage unit position in the Apple Maps search results.

It’s possible to use Apple Maps to promote your self storage website in several ways. Here are six methods for advertising your storage business on Apple Maps.


1. Take a Multifaceted Approach to Rank Your Business.

The first stage is to utilize Apple Maps Connect to link your firm. It’s straightforward. Simply sign in using your Apple ID and password. If you don’t already have one, you must create an Apple ID.

Then, give your company’s name, phone number, and address. Apple must validate your business telephone number and verify your location before adding you to the app. Try to include the anticipated user search term or keyword in the company name. Also, add your self storage website, Yelp page, and social media accounts.

However, because the software does not collect much information independently, Apple Maps optimization necessitates a multi-pronged approach. As a result, to rank highly on Apple Maps, your location must be well maintained on many online platforms.

Create a genuine Yelp profile first. That’s the primary source of local business information that Apple Maps transmits to Siri users.


2. Maintain Up-To-Date, Consistent, and Accurate Business Information

Apple’s mobile voice search and GPS-guided navigation applications aim to give the most accurate local search results possible. When businesses provide incorrect information on Yelp, they can’t achieve that. Ensure that accuracy is a priority for the most satisfactory Apple Maps SEO outcomes. Keep in mind that when people use Siri on their phones, they expect precise responses to find storage facilities.

If you change your hours of operation, for example, make sure that all three of the following platforms have the exact new information: your website, Yelp profile, and Apple Maps listing. Also, if you move to a new location or change your phone number, update all three sites with the latest information as soon as possible.

What if you moved your firm and neglected to update it on Yelp? You’d be causing Apple Maps to let down its users! That does not end well for most company listings on the iOS app. So, make sure you have the correct business NAP information (name, address, phone number) if the data changes, such as when you’ve moved to a new office.

For Apple Maps, it’s also vital to stay true to the information you provide. The more consistent your business listing is across all online platforms, the better.

Apple Maps can’t always get this information from its sources, where these directories come in. These directories supply Apple Maps with essential metadata that improves the local voice search experience for Siri users. In a significant way, conflicting business information across these platforms may harm your Apple Maps SEO and self storage website.


3. Increase Positive Yelp Reviews

The higher your Yelp rating is, the better. Positive customer reviews boost your company’s ranking on the internet business directory. According to favorable consumer comments, your Apple Maps position rises with each new positive customer review you accumulate on Yelp.

Why do Apple Maps search results ratings rely on customer feedback? It has a lot to do with living up to user expectations. Users typically want the “best” or “perfect” solution, and they’ll even use these terms while searching. As a result, Apple does well in scrolling through Yelp company profiles for top-rated alternatives to offer its customers.

Also, many customers make a buying decision based on the company reviews they read on Yelp. This makes consumer feedback a valuable ranking criterion for Apple Maps business listings.

So, how can you get and keep good Yelp reviews? Begin by asking your delighted consumers to review their self storage experience. Respond to both bad and good comments, but concentrate more on the latter.

Under the current rating system, a bad review from an individual who isn’t as well-known may be filtered out if it doesn’t meet specific credibility criteria. As a result, only actual persons providing consumer reviews or opinions should be provided. In addition, comments from inactive Yelp users or bot-generated feedback might be harmful.

So don’t buy positive feedback, or Yelp will expose your actions, which will affect your self storage website’s visibility on the business directory.

It’d be fantastic for your Yelp exposure if you could get some good feedback from the “Elite Squad” on the platform. This group of reviewers can provide high-quality, informative business reviews to help you improve your storage facility’s Apple Maps ranking.


4. Use Keyword Optimization to Produce Relevant Voice Search Results.

With the rise of voice search, keyword optimization will continue to grow. Its relevance rises as digital marketers synchronize their content plans for the best self storage websites with their Apple Maps SEO efforts. The key is to understand how voice search works and to anticipate the target users’ search terms. Siri queries are generally longer than those you’d type on a keyboard.

“Hey, Siri, where is the nearest Walmart?” – This is a typical example of a user’s natural speech. If you wanted to find out the closest Walmart store using Google or Bing, you’d most likely use fewer syllables. Therefore, as a digital marketer, you should utilize long-tail keywords to match how Siri users phrase their queries.

Here’s an example of a long-tail keyword: “Where is the best self storage near me?”

Siri users are likely to use this phrase when looking for a storage facility in their local area. If you want to appear in the search results, optimize your self storage website for this keyword.

You can make your business more visible by optimizing your keywords. It also improves the relevance of Siri’s voice search results. To improve Apple Maps and Siri visibility, you should prioritize Yelp reviews.

A past or current customer that enjoys your company’s goods and services is also a great source of leads. Interact with consumers who give positive feedback on your products and ask them to include your business name in their comments.

If you’re inexperienced in keyword research and feel overwhelmed, don’t worry. Bluebird provides self storage marketing experts to create the best self storage websites for their partners. Need to implement online reservations? Bluebird can help!


5. Avoid Duplication for Your Self Storage Website

After your service or product has been appreciated by Yelp clients, you want them to provide feedback in one location. Duplicate Yelp accounts might hinder your climb to prominence on the local business directory.

How can duplicating your business on Yelp affect your Apple Maps ranking? Consider if you have 300 reviews in one Yelp account and 300 or more in another. These two accounts would be considered separate business entities are competing for visibility to Google and Apple Maps. As a result, just half of the 600 consumer comments would count toward improving your overall ranking on both platforms, despite having earned 600 consumer evaluations.

Duplication requires a proactive approach on your part, which begins with claiming your Yelp listing. It involves establishing or signing in to a Yelp company user account. If you told Yelp that the firm you’re claiming is yours, it might call the phone number you supplied to authenticate it.

Once you’ve claimed a Yelp business listing, no one else can alter the information unless they have the proper owner credentials. As a result, you may assure the validity and dependability of your self storage website’s details to potential consumers through Siri.

Remember that your Yelp listing gives you more content control over your self storage website success. As a result, you may provide a consistent brand voice without confusing consumers by utilizing videos, photos, or business website links.

However, be on the lookout for double listings because Yelp does not verify new business account signups. If you discover a “fake” or duplicate listing, please notify Yelp.


6. How to Repair or Correct Any Inaccurate, Inconsistencies, or False Information on the iOS Maps Application

Suppose the iOS application lacks incorrect critical corporate information. In that case, Siri users may not be directed to your business by Apple Maps. It may have your street name wrong, or the company location is missing. Improving your Apple Maps ranking by correcting these errors is a good idea.

Fortunately, you may alert Apple Maps if any incorrect data appears on the iOS map app. So, check out the map to ensure that your self storage website is where it should be; otherwise, contact Apple Maps. Reporting provides that future map upgrades will address the issue.

You may also want to check whether the application has your self storage business in the correct category.


Self Storage Marketing: Final Thoughts

Do you think your Apple Maps ranking is fair? You can take steps to guarantee that your business appears on the map. It all begins with enhancing your Yelp profile, the application’s primary source of company data. You may drive more customers to your location by keeping a prominent company listing on Siri.

Would you want to boost your Apple Maps ranking and enhance your leads? Trust the experienced team at Bluebird to supply the best self storage websites with self storage marketing specialists that can transform your business. Contact Bluebird to get started!


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